About Me

Personal Information

Name: Ryan Buchert

Title: Chief Technology Officer

Company, City: StratIS EMS & BuLogics, Philadelphia PA

Recent Project: Integrating access management into our existing energy management solution.

Description of Company: StratIS delivers energy and access management and control in multifamily and student housing.

Educational Background: MS & BS from Drexel University in Electrical Engineering

First Job: Cashier at Arby’s at 16 to pay for my car insurance

Little-known fact: I wanted to be an astronaut but could not because I am color blind

Home: East Falls in Philadelphia PA


Business Philosophy

Essential business philosophy: Find talented people that are ambitious, make them all feel part of a team, and empower them to accomplish great things

Best way to keep competitive edge: Continually find ways to focus the company on being the best at specific technologies for specific markets

Yardstick of success: Creating a triple bottom line company that is able to support the community around it.

Goal yet to be achieved: Enable other small companies a fast and easy path to market using our core wireless technologies


Judgement Calls

Best decision: Leaving my job and starting a company

Worst decision:  I have none I regret

Toughtest decision: Spining out Zonoff into a separate company and handing it over

Mentors: Mirka Walczak, Mike Harris, Marsha Timmerman, Robert Zdancewicz, Alain Briancon, and Felicite Moorman

True Confessions: I cannot read my own handwriting so I learned to type very well and memorize well

Word that best describes you: Adventurous

Like best about your job: Waking up every day to new challenges

Like least about your job: Waking up every day to new challenges

The most important lesson you’ve learned: Be present

Life motto: I will have time to sleep when I am dead

Greatest fear: Disapointing all who have put faith in me to succeed

Person most interested in meeting and why: Nikola Tesla because he was a true inventor, and Thomas Edison because he was a true Entrepreneur

Company you respect the most and why: 37 Signals because of their company culture and way they give back to the community

First choice for new career: Starting another company with what I know today

Greatest extravagance: Vacations


Et Cetera

Award / Honor most proud of: Eagle Scout

Most influential book: Robert Kiyosaki’s book series starting with Rich Dad Poor Dad.

Favorite Movie: The Pursuit of Happiness

Favorite Restaurant: Murphy’s

Favorite vacation spot: Costa Rica, in the rain forest

Favorite way to spend free time: Anything in nature

Car I drive: Mini Cooper Convertible